The Longer I Wait…

Memory is of no use to her

Smiles were foreign to her then

She would wait, and wonder, of the day she’d know her smile was for him.

The longer she waits she dies a little more

Again and again her heart sinks at the memory of disappointment and mistreatment as she watched them toss the heart that she was carrying to them to the ugly ground.

And although she knew it was what she had expected, like a fool she gave it one more try

To see if the heart she was carrying to them would bring a joyful tear to their eye.

She looked to the sky and figured her heart was something for Him to laugh at

Something for Him to play with as He pleased

Then one day she heard her Heart say “wait”

and so she did…

The longer she waits she knows her mind grows

It grows into something her heart readily knows

She thought she was done, she had put her heart away, figured she wouldn’t need it in the coming days.

And then, like a bully, it came back to taunt her when she saw….

Saw someone who would surely throw down her heart if she carried it to him…

Saw someone who would surely laugh at her attempt to even bring it to him…

Saw someone who wouldn’t bother to ask her where her heart was hidden.

Like a bully she watched fate give and snatch and give and snatch away her smile.

The longer she waited, the quicker she died

She figured time would never really be on her side.

As life’s trauma struck in different ways

She’d look around and see emptiness

No one to hold her cries

No one to claim her rib came from his sides because she knew time would feed her insignificant, harmless lies.

Love is her language and touch is her medicine

The longer she waited for both, like a flower, she wilted

“Ask me where my heart is hidden, ask me where my heart can be found..”

She waited and waited

Patiently, she waited

“The longer I wait,” she said, “the sooner the day will come…when what I carried won’t make a sound.”


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