Patience– What Are You Guna Do With It??

I honestly struggle with patience.  It’s a day to day process, I know, but sometimes I tend to forget the big picture and focus on the tiny pixel that catches my eye.

I’m usually patient with people.  It’s situations (long-term goals/wishes) that I can get pretty impatient with, and don’t we all?

Maybe some of us are better at being patient under certain circumstances than others…but there’s really only one truth when it comes to patience:  it shapes us.

We may feel stuck in the present; we may wonder to ourselves, “Is this how it’s going to be?” “Is this really all there is?”  And depending on our situations, we may be asking ourselves these questions for quite some time….however, what’s worth the wait, is looking back years from now and being so incredibly thankful that certain things happened the way they did– because of patience.

You don’t jump out of a moving train just because you’re anxious to get to your destination do you?  It certainly wouldn’t make sense.

So don’t be anxious (easier said than done), be at peace, and if you allow God to have your burdens and take care of you, He will (:

Just be still.

Be patient.

And breathe.




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