There Will Come a Time…

Let’s face it, no one will ever be free of tragedy and hardship during their lifetime.  It’s simply indiscriminating and expecting.

There will come a time when the phrase “light at the end of the tunnel” will sound like a joke.  When you’re in complete darkness, and your vision is reduced to none… you think to yourself, how could there possibly be any hope in this?  How am I ever going to find my way out of this?

There will come a time when the pain in your chest is so heavy that you have to scream, you have to heave continuous sobs, you have to bend over because you can’t breathe steadily and your stomach is in knots…

In life, this might happen God knows how many times… but from experience, I can tell you this:  It’s not over.

This isn’t the end.  There is a light, but you won’t find it if you don’t keep moving.  It might take a while to find your way out, I’m not guna lie, but it’s worth it in the end.  The joy, and the revelation you experience once out of the tunnel is so.worth.fighting for.

It’s worth it.

Pain is inevitable.  Letting go sometimes feels like a good idea; like cool water on a hot day.  But don’t let go.  Stay.  Don’t let go of that rope you’re struggling so much to hang on to.  We need you.  We love you.  You matter.

You matter so much.

In the words of Jamie Tworkowski, “If you feel too much, there’s still a place for you here.  If you feel too much, don’t go.”


[photo by: Chris Stein]

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