Happy New Year…One Month Late

School has taken up so much of my time that I haven’t had a chance to post for the new year!

Since I started this academic year, many, many things have happened.  It seems as if more life events happen during my school year than in the summers I have off; I don’t understand.  But regardless, I want to remain encouraged and encouraging during this rollercoaster I call life.

Within the last three months, I have experienced pain that I never would have imagined feeling.  Overall, it’s been a mixture of death, heartbreak, unending longing, and confusion.

But I have been blessed with gifts and events that help make the wounds sting a little less.  Big and small blessings from above.  Things that I thought were from a dreamworld…ok maybe not that dramatic, but I feel overwhelmed with how thankful I am for how God has been watching out for me, even when there is no chance in heaven that I deserve a smidgen of what He’s been doing for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still confusion with my future (how on earth will there never be?) but I am so. confident that my Love, my God, knows what he’s doing with my future…which is ultimately His future, since I’ve promised to give everything to Him.

All I know right now, with this partially shallow blog post, is that I am excited, nervous, and confused senseless with what is to come.  But I’m ok with it.  For the first time in a long while, I feel like things are really, really, becoming new.  I can’t even describe it…but I can smile about it (:


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