What A Wicked Game

Currently 4 in the morning and I’m listening to Chris Isaak.

The only thoughts haunting me right now are how wild this last year of undergrad will be…

I mean, the past three years have been a rollercoaster, a crazy one, and with it being my final year at a place that I call my second home well,…this one will be having me on the edge of my seat…

I can only guess at one of the things I’ll have to deal with on a nightly basis……the constant dreams of looking for him and finding him or him finding me……the constant swoon over his piercing eyes (insert smh gif here)……..the never-ending ache in my chest when I wake after dreaming that he wanted my heart too…..the wicked thing you do to let me dream of you…


Have you ever thought to yourself, how can such a beautiful creature (inside and out) be put on this earth and simply have the power to torture souls just with a smile?  Or a laugh?  Or just standing there?…

What a wicked thing to do!



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