Hello Again

Well, a year pretty much flew by, and with it goes many lessons, many joys, and many revelations.

Right now I’m tired; it’s 1:30 in the morning as I write this and I’m ready to hit the hay. But as I look onto the horizon of 2017, a lot is on my mind. Will my job hunting increase? Or will I finally land that temporary income as I continue school?

Will I travel this coming year? I mean really travel? Will I get to go on that photography road-trip I’m always dreaming about? Will I actually get to do what I love? Will I be able to apartment-hunt this coming year? Will I get my B.A. and laugh in MDD’s face for thinking it could make me quit? Will Mr. Right finally come into my life (insert hysterical laughter here)?

I mean, even with all these questions, I’m content with where I’m at. Sure some extra money wouldn’t hurt. Sure I would love to find my better half and experience life with them. But honestly it’s ok. I’m doing what I can right now to make money without overwhelming myself. (I also will be starting a YouTube soon for a little extra cash but also just for fun). And I am OK with not having a man in my life haha. Seriously though, I am blessed with more than what I deserve, and if a good man comes my way soon, then that would mean the world to me. If not, then I’m honestly not going to whine about it. Life, although very dark and messed up and ass-backwards, is still beautiful when you look hard enough. Sometimes it presents you with its beauty upfront, almost as a gift.

But if I know anything right now, it’s that #1: my eyes are seriously fighting to stay open. #2: jesus better get his tush back soon before I create a movement convincing everyone that we should all do ourselves a favor and drink bleach. #3: I’m scared of my future and it’s ok. #4: my twenties are going to be over in the blink of an eye, so I need to start living… NOW.


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